What is 45 Colt ammo?

The .45 Colt, also known as the .45 Long Colt, is an American revolver cartridge. 45 Colt ammo is a powerful bullet designed initially for the Colt Single Action Army revolver. The .45 Colt has been used in many different types of firearms over the years, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The round is also popular among cowboy action shooters and hunters.

45 colt ammo in stock

If you’re looking for 45 Colt ammunition, you’re in luck – we’ve got plenty in stock. Whether you’re looking for self-defense ammunition or want to hunt with a classic round, we’ve got what you need.

The 45 Colt is a classic American cartridge used for self-defense and hunting for over a century. Today, it remains a popular choice for both applications. The 45 Colt is suitable for many tasks thanks to its versatility and power.

Self-defense: The 45 Colt is a powerful round capable of stopping an attacker with one well-placed shot. Thanks to its stopping power, the 45 Colt is an excellent choice for self-defense.

Hunting: The 45 Colt is also a popular choice for hunting. Thanks to its power, the 45 Colt can take down large game animals such as deer and hogs.

Is 45 Colt ammo the same as 45 Long Colt?

Yes, 45 Colt ammo is the same as 45 Long Colt ammo. The only difference is in the name. The “Colt” in 45 Colt refers to the original manufacturer of the cartridge, while the “Long” in 45 Long Colt refers to the longer case length. 

Is 45 Colt ammo hard to find?

No, 45 Colt ammunition is not hard to find. You can find it at most gun stores and online retailers. The price of 45 Colt rounds box varies depending on the manufacturer and the type of ammunition, but it is generally affordable. 

Is a Colt 45 powerful?

A Colt 45 is a very powerful handgun; It is one of the most popular handguns for self-defense, and for a good reason. It is a large caliber handgun that can stop an attacker with one shot. 

Is 45 Colt good for deer?

Yes, 45 Colt is good for deer. It is a powerful round with a good reputation for taking down the game. 


In conclusion, 45 Colt ammunition is an excellent choice for a robust and reliable round. It is also relatively easy to find, although it may be more expensive than other options. 45 Colt is an excellent choice for deer hunting, as it is compelling and accurate.

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