What is 45 GAP ammo?

The .45 GAP (Glock Automatic Pistol) is a pistol cartridge designed to replace the .45 ACP. Glock and ammunition manufacturer Speer developed the .45 GAP. The cartridge is designed to provide the same power as the .45 ACP but in a smaller package. The .45 GAP ammo is shorter and narrower than the .45 ACP and uses a smaller-diameter bullet. The .45 GAP has less recoil than the .45 ACP and is more accurate.

The .45 GAP is available in various bullet weights and styles, including hollow point and self-defense rounds.

Availability in stock

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As of right now, there are a few websites that have .45 GAP in stock. However, the selection is limited, and the prices are significantly higher than other calibers. It is important to remember that the .45 GAP is a relatively new cartridge, so its availability will likely increase. In the meantime, purchasing .45 GAP rounds from a specialty retailer or online might be necessary. 

Can you shoot 45 ACP in 45 GAP?

No, you cannot shoot 45 ACP in 45 GAP. The two cartridges are not interchangeable. 45 GAP is a shorter cartridge than 45 ACP, so it will not fit in a 45 ACP firearm. Additionally, 45 GAP ammunition is loaded to a higher pressure than 45 ACP ammunition, so shooting it in a 45 ACP firearm could be dangerous. 

Is 45 GAP ammunition hard to find

45 GAP ammo is relatively easy to find. You can find it at most gun stores and online retailers that sell ammunition. The price of 45 GAP ammunition is also very reasonable, making it an excellent choice for those who want to shoot without breaking the bank.

45 gap ammo vs. 45 ACP

The two cartridges are not interchangeable. The 45 GAP is a shorter cartridge and will not fit in a firearm designed for the 45 ACP. Additionally, the 45 GAP has less powder than the 45 ACP, producing less muzzle energy. 


In conclusion, 45 GAP ammo is an excellent choice for those who want the power of a 45 ACP in a smaller package. It is also perfect for those who want to shoot 45 ACP in a 45 GAP gun. However, it is essential to remember that 45 GAP ammunition is not hard to find and is less expensive than 45 ACP.

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