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Smith & Wesson developed The 45 Schofield ammo in 1875 for use in their new Model 3 revolve; The cartridge is designed to be used in revolvers chambered for the .44-40 Winchester cartridge, which was also popular at the time. The .45 Schofield is a rimmed cartridge, meaning that it has a small lip on the edge of the casing that helps keep it seated in the revolver chamber. The cartridge is also slightly longer than the .44-40, which allows it to work in revolvers with a longer barrel.

The .45 Schofield quickly gained popularity among shooters and was adopted by the U.S. Army for use in their service revolvers. The cartridge remained in use by the Army until 1892, when they switched to the .38 Long Colt. The .45 Schofield continued to be used by civilians and law enforcement until the early 20th century, when more powerful cartridges, such as the .44 Magnum and the .357 Magnum, replaced it.

45 Schofield ammo in stock

If you’re looking for 45 Schofield ammo, you’re in luck – we’ve got it in stock and ready to ship! This versatile ammunition is perfect for various uses, from plinking to target shooting to self-defense.

With its high velocity and flat trajectory, 45 Schofield is an excellent choice for both revolver and semi-automatic shooters. And because it’s less expensive than some other calibers, it’s a perfect option for those on a budget.

So whether you’re looking for practice ammo or something for self-defense, we’ve got you covered. Order your 45 Schofield ammo today, and be prepared for anything!

Features of 45 Schofield ammo

The 45 Schofield cartridge is a rimmed revolver cartridge designed for use in the Smith & Wesson Model 3 Schofield revolver and the Remington Model 8 semi-automatic rifle. The 45 Schofield cartridge was introduced in 1875 and was loaded with black powder. In 1878, the U.S. Army adopted the 45 Schofield cartridge as the official service cartridge. The 45 Schofield cartridges remained in service until 1892 when the 45 Colt cartridge replaced it.

The 45 Schofield cartridge is distinguished from the 45 Colt cartridge by its shorter case length and slightly smaller bullet diameter. You can fire The 45 Schofield cartridges in a 45 Colt revolver, but the reverse is invalid. The 45 Colt cartridge is too long to fire in a 45 Schofield revolver safely.

The 45 Schofield cartridge is well-suited for use in both revolvers and rifles. It has excellent accuracy and stopping power and can take down large game animals such as deer and bears.

What are the dimensions of 45 Schofield ammo?

The dimensions of 45 Schofield ammo are as follows: length – 2.10 inches, width – 0.454 inches, and height – 1.29 inches. This ammunition is slightly longer than standard 45 ACP ammo, but not by much. The extra length is due to the larger bullet diameter of the Schofield round. The width and height dimensions are identical to those of the 45 ACP. 


The 45 Schofield is an excellent choice for a robust and reliable round. It is important to remember that this ammo is not compatible with the 45 Colt, so be sure to check your firearm’s compatibility before purchasing. The 45 Schofield offers great features and is an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new round.

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