5.7x28mm Ammo For Sale

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What is 5.7x28mm ammo?

5.7×28mm ammo is a smoke-free and high-velocity cartridge created by FN Herstal in 1990 under the coordination of engineers Jean-Paul and Marc Neuforge. It was primarily for short-range shooting. However, later it becomes enormously famous as both short and long-range shooting ammunition due to its high muzzle velocity, which varies from 2350fps to 2800fps depending on the manufacturer.

As a result, the fn 5.7x28mm ammo has a higher muzzle velocity than its competitors, like 9mm ammo. Therefore, it can go beyond long-range targets and best serve personal protection. The overall length suits auto/semi handguns and rifles best.


In conclusion, 5.7X28MM ammo initially had many cartridge types for production, depending on the size and grams of ammo. Nevertheless, later other types were discontinued due to their useless purposes. Nowadays, the most common types are SS90, SS95, and SS195LF. It primarily serves the uses of home and personal protection weapons. 5.7X28MM ammo is the best choice for self-defense regarding its penetration capacities, making it the most viable option for personal defense. It is the best ammo for concealed-carry handguns.

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