9mm ammunition or 9mm Luger is one of the best handgun ammunition in the world. We have 9mm ammo in stock and ready for shipping nationwide and worldwide. We stock quality handgun ammunition and their various grains so that shooters, range officers, etc will never experience the bad side of 9mm ammo shortage. You can buy bulk 9mm bullets or 9mm ammunition inbox. Buying in bulk will help you save more of your funds. We have signed a contract with the best shipping agency in the US. This means, the specified time your order is going to arrive, it will be delivered promptly without any wastage of time. 9mm ammo for sale at GunsAmmoStoreOnline.com.

9mm Luger is also the most used ammo in the united states and other countries. Even though it is a standard cartridge for the NATO and non-NATO forces, police officers in the united states also use it. The popularity of this cartridge can be attributed to the widely held conviction that is effective in police and self-defense use.

9mm ammunition was discovered and developed by George Luger and it was introduced in 1902 by the German weapons manufacturer Deutsche Wafer-und munitions. 9mm Ammo is made up of 0.86ml* (13.3grains H2O) of cartridge case capacity and it combines a flat trajectory with moderate recoil.

We carry 9mm ammo for sale from top brands of ammo manufacturers such as federal, Remington, Winchester, Hornady, PMC, and others. If you are buying bulk 9mm ammunition for target shooting or personal protection, then we’ve got it all. 9mm ammunition is available in grains ranging from 88grain to 147grain, and many more. The round was designed aiming to be lethal at a range of 50meters but it has proven to be lethal at longer ranges. The Federal Bureau of Investigation released a report in the year 2014 which made it clear that the more consistent accuracy in the hand of their under experienced recruits was as a result of their returning to 9mm ammo as their standard handgun caliber

9mm Ammo Types

There are just two common types of 9mm bullets; full metal jacket ball, and jacket hollow point. Yes, others exist but they are not the mainstream. 9mm cartridge is best for plinking, training, and home defense.

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