What is 6.5 prc

The 6.5 PRC, or the 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge, has been designed by Nosler to give shooters the ultimate accuracy, performance, and reliability at extended ranges. This cartridge was designed to exceed 1 MOA at 1000 yards and features a 28 barrel to maximize velocity. This round can penetrate 2-1/2 of ballistic gel at 600 yards, providing impressive stopping power on a medium-sized game such as deer and antelope.

6.5 PRC Ammunition

The 6.5 PRC ammo is a centerfire rifle bullet designed for long-range hunting. It is based on the .270 Winchester, which has been shortened and necked down to accept a 6.5mm (.264) bullet. The resulting cartridge is efficient, producing minimal recoil, and can be fired accurately at long range. While to make shooting even more comfortable, 6.5 PRC cartridges are typically loaded with bullets weighing around 140 grains, so they kick less than many other high-powered cartridges.

6.5 PRC ammo for sale

The 6.5 PRC is the perfect cartridge for long-range hunting, offering superb accuracy and terminal performance. In addition, with our 6.5 PRC ammo for sale, you can be sure to find the ideal load for your rifle. Whether you’re looking for factory ammunition or hand loads, a 6.5 PRC option is sure to be right for you. Here are some of our favorite loads:

  • Barnes 160gr TTSX
  • Federal 140gr Trophy Bonded Tip
  • Hornady 150gr ELD Match
  • Hornady 155gr ELD Match

6.5 prc ammo in stock

Regarding long-range hunting, the 6.5 PRC is the ideal rifle cartridge. It’s been explicitly designed for long-range shooting and is one of the most accurate cartridges available. We have unlimited 6.5 PRC ammo in stock to guarantee you’ll always have plenty of ammunition. In conclusion, so many factors go into choosing a hunting rifle, but if you’re going after a big game at long range, the 6.5 PRC is hard to beat.

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