22 Mag Ammo For Sale

Browse the best deals on 22 Mag ammo for sale here at Guns Ammo Online Store. We serve a range of 22 WMR rounds to cover your desires. We carry bulk 22 Mag ammo in V-max, Polymer Tip, Soft Point for hunting varmint and small game, and Jacketed Hollow Points for self-defence and duty application.

22 Magnum ammo in stock on our website is available in bullet weights ranging from 30-50 grains, with the 30-grain ones capable of achieving a high muzzle velocity of 2300 feet per second compared to many centerfire calibers with a much higher projectile. We aim to provide the best customer service and product packaging.

22 WMR Ammo

This high-velocity rimfire cartridge, first introduced in 1845, has been around for decades and has stood the test yearly. 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire was used in revolvers and long guns almost from the beginning. 22 mag ammo uses a long case that holds a respectable amount of propellant giving it significantly more ballistic potential than shorter rimfire cartridges and still, at the same time, it is a relatively quiet round that produces low felt recoil.

In conclusion, copper-plaited 22 WMR ammo is a good choice for target shooting. Thanks for choosing GunsAmmoOnlineStore as your preferred online ammo shop to buy 22 WMR ammo at a lower price in bulk rounds.

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