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Browse affordable deals on 20 gauge ammo for sale on GunsAmmoOnlineStore, With target loading and hunting performance features, 20 gauge ammunition means more game bags than any other cartridge on the market. A modern 20 gauge ammo is over 30% more powerful than ammo just ten years old, Federal and Winchester discovered the market potential and value of the 20 gauge bullets for personal protection and are including it in their product lines for self-defense. So shop here today to get the best self-defense 20 gauge ammunition for sale from a trusted vendor online. 20 gauge ammunition is available in many varieties to suit the many uses for a 20 gauge shotgun. We aim at providing the best customer care and product packaging as all the ammunition listed on our website are available and ready for fast shipping.

About 20 gauge ammo

All 20 gauge ammo shares one distinct feature; a bright yellow hull that serves as a visual aid to prevent the loading of 20 gauge shells into other types of shotguns. Many shooters prefer 20 gauge ammunition for their relatively light recoil and ease of handling. This ammunition is commonly used in youth shotguns or where recoil is an issue if it was measured as a caliber, it would be a .62 caliber. With muzzle velocities of many common loads reaching 1200 feet per second, the performance of the 20 gauge rivals its larger brothers, the 16 gauge and the 12 gauge; albeit with lighter shot loads. 20 gauge ammunition is readily available and there is also a wide range of ammunition types like birdshot, buckshot, and slugs available with each designation correlating with different sizes of lead and steel.

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