30-06 Ammo For Sale

Our 30-06 ammo for sale is a powerful long-range cartridge perfect for hunting and large-sized game. 30-06 Springfield fires a relatively light bullet at a higher velocity than its predecessors, the 30-03 and 30-40 Krag.

Moreover, 30-06 ammunition is a popular choice for shooters even 100 years later. Its high popularity is because the caliber is available for various rifles, including AR-15 & AR-10. Also, .30-06 ammo delivers consistent accuracy with every shot and has very manageable recoil.

The 30 06 ammo ranges from 150-220 grains with velocities of 2500 feet per second to 2990 feet per second. You can order bulk 30-06 ammo of 500 and 1000 rounds. We aim to offer quality ammunition at affordable rates. All shell listed on our website is available and ready for shipping.

.30-06 Springfield

The .30-06 Springfield, sometimes called 7.62 x 63 mm, is a caliber of firearm introduced by the American army in 1906 (hence the -06). This caliber was used during the two world wars, especially in the infantry rifles M1917 Enfield and Springfield M1903 and in the M1918 bar-machine machine for the First World War, then the M1 Garand infantry rifle and the Browning machine gun 1919 for the Second World War.

Officially replaced in 1954 by the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO, 30-06 were not used in the military field until the 1970s. Its last significant use in an armed conflict was during the Vietnam War. Its practical scope is 900 meters depending on the length of the barrel.

Since then, the .30-06 has been an essential caliber of civil use. It is one of North America’s most popular rifle calibers for medium and large game hunting. The great diversity of ammunition available in 30-06 format, its good power, and its scope make it one of the most versatile for hunting.

30-06 Ammo In Stock

Browse our bulk 30-06 ammo in stock with a bullet to meet your needs, from soft point bullets to Full Metal Jackets targets. On our website, you are guaranteed to find 30.06 ammo rounds for sale today for your rifle from top-ranking brands like Hornady, Winchester, Fiocchi, and Remington.

Whether you have a big deer hunt or going out for a marksmanship program, we’ve all the ammunition you’ll be needing at low prices, so if you are looking to stock up on bulk 30-06 bullets, then you’ve come to the right place.

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